How can I receive a one-time export of data?

All migrations using the Migration Tool must have been completed on or before May 15, 2018, at which point all support for Parature and the Migration Tool ended and the service terminated. Customers who chose not to migrate to Dynamics 365 or who did not complete their use of the Migration Tool by this date will have 90 days after the service is discontinued on May 15, 2018 to retrieve their data. 

A one time data export is available upon request from Parature Product Support.  This one time export process delivers your files and record data (CSVs) via the SFTP protocol.  Data can also be accessed via the Service Desk Setup tab (export options) for only Parature administrators.  To receive a one-time export of your data, please submit a Ticket to Parature Product Support via your normal means, either or your Office365 Admin Portal.  So that you may prepare, the below information will be required from Product Support when you contact them.  They can also answer any other questions you might have about this process.

Customer requirements for one-time data export

You must enable and support an SFTP Server, accessible to Parature engineers, and provide the following information to Parature:

  • Host Name/URL
  • SFTP Username
  • SFTP Password
  • Port Number
  • Ensure SFTP port is open on the firewall for Parature to connect (Parature IP

Next Steps:

  • After Parature receives the information above, engineering can provide the uncompressed size of all data so customer can be prepared with SFTP space requirements
  • Should you need more details on the modules supported and format of the data - please reach out to us for more information.
  • A Parature ticket will be used to triage and coordinate all exports.
Please note, this will be a one-time export of data only.
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